Our Constitution

ACWHE was founded in 1979, but the constitution and by-laws have been revised several times since then.


The name of this organization shall be the Arkansas Council for Women in Higher Education.


The purpose of this Council shall be:

  1. To function as a support group for Arkansas women in higher education.

  2. To set up a communication system for administration, faculty, and staff to promote positive institutional change for women in higher education.

  3. To promote the examination of higher education policies, regulations, and practices in order to improve the status of women on university and college campuses.

  4. To accumulate, analyze, and disseminate data to indicate the position of women on the university and college campuses.

  5. To be informed and disseminate information to administration, faculty, and staff on their campus about relevant legislation pertinent to women.

  6. To encourage administration, faculty, staff, and students to participate in women’s programs at their institutions.


  1. Membership in the Council shall be open to administration/faculty/staff involved with higher education.  Each institution/agency shall appoint representatives to the Council.  Each institution/agency is encouraged to appoint as many representatives as possible with a suggested minimum of three.

  2. The representatives shall be selected/appointed by the respective institutions.  The ACWHE Vice-President shall write a letter each spring to the CEO of each institution/agency requesting representatives to the Council.

  3. The American Council on Education (ACE) Office of Women in Higher Education (OWHE) shall become an affiliate of ACWHE. Its representative in Arkansas, herein known as the State Coordinator(s), will serve ACWHE in an advisory capacity.


  1. The officers shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Recorder, a Treasurer, and such other officers as may be established by the by-laws.

  2. The President, Vice-President, and Recorder shall be elected for a one-year term.  The Treasurer shall be elected for a term of three years with the opportunity to serve another three year term upon recommendation of the President.

  3. The duties of the President shall be those usually devolving upon the President.  In addition, the President shall keep on file the Constitution, by-laws, and other reports of the Council.

  4. The duties of the Vice-President shall be those usually devolving upon such officers and shall include (a) serving as Chairperson of the Membership Committee of the Council, and (b) acting on behalf of the President in her absence.

  5. The duties of the other officers shall be those usually devolving upon such officers.


  1. This Constitution may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the Council members present.

  2. A proposed amendment may be submitted by a member in written form to the membership through the President.  The proposed amendment must be circulated at least two weeks prior to the next scheduled meeting at which time action shall be taken.

(Last Revised April 2006)